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A refrigeration facility was in dire need of a control system upgrade for the refrigeration controls throughout their plant. The original system had been installed over 25 years ago and was failing. The system was no longer supported and spare parts were non existent. MAC Engineering was able to replace the original control system with a new Allen Bradley PLC that significantly upgraded the technology and reliability of their controls. Along with the PLC upgrade came an HMI upgrade allowing the customer to have full control of all zones throughout the facility. Integrating the safety systems and existing hardware such as solenoids, VFD's, and thermistors was required. Also, as the facility always has product in the building the replacement of the panel had to be completed within 8 hours to keep the product from spoiling. MAC Engineering was able to shut down, remove and replace the panels, and re start the panel within that time frame. Quick and efficient installation is crucial to minimizing downtime. MAC Engineering is experienced in time sensitive installations such as this and will ensure the customer deadlines are met.

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