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The Iron Worker was an existing piece of equipment for a customer. The operation of the machine took two employees to operate and output the required amount of finished pieces per day. MAC Engineering was enlisted to install an auto feed conveyor and sensor set up to allow for one employee to run the machine. The conveyor has an auto on/off feature tied to a sensor that shuts down the conveyor when the material reaches the stop. The Iron Worker then cuts the material and the workpiece drops into a chute. The conveyor will then continue  to feed the material to the stop again and repeat the process until the stick of material has been fully processed. This application called for a maximum workpiece size of 12" wide, 1/2" thick, 20' long flat bar weighing approximately 400lbs. The robust conveyor design combined with industrial sensors and VFD technology allow for a rugged auto feed solution in a typically unfriendly location. This project was turned around in less than two weeks for a customer that was needing a quick solution with a large job coming in. MAC Engineering can often provide quick lead times on small projects other companies cannot.

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